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All of our clutch and brake parts are quality assured and come with our ‘No Quibble Guarantee’.

Our quality management systems and procedures have been certified in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

All of our products are supplied under the category of ‘spare parts of matching quality’ as defined by the EEC Commission Regulation (EU) No 461/2010 issued on the 27th May 2010.

This means everything from MJA Automotive is OEM quality with improvements and technical refinements added by our product development team.

Our higher standards

All of our employees are fully committed to the operation of our Quality Management system (QMS) which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. We will always aim to achieve the following:
  • Satisfying relevant requirements by ensuring customer, statutory and  regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met.
  • We will enhance customer satisfaction and continually improve our quality management system by ensuring risks and opportunities which could affect conformity of services, products or our ability to achieve customer  satisfaction are identified and addressed.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality levels in  both products and support services.
  • Maintain defined processes in compliance with International Quality Management System ISO 9001.
  • The Quality Management System is fully described in the QMS manual, which includes the Quality Management processes and supporting Quality Documents, and is upheld and supported by personnel at all levels.
  • Ensure our QMS achieves its intended results, and is compatible with the context and strategic direction of our company.
  • Assign responsibilities and authority, but remain accountable for our QMS effectiveness.
  • Establishing customer requirements and ensure we comply with them at all times (including regulatory and statutory requirements, and will consider internal and external environments when implementing our quality management system).
  • Risk assessments will be carried out where necessary.
  • Promote the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking.
  • Ensure resources needs are identified, implemented, maintained to ensure effective implementation and continually improve the QMS (such as personnel, training, environment, infrastructure).
  • Promote improvements to improve processes, products, services and the QMS to enhance customer satisfaction (such as actively looking for opportunities, engaging staff, training, support and encouragement).
  • The monitoring and reviewing of the QMS by internal auditing, objectives monitoring and management reviews to ensure continual improvement in systems and service.
  • The development and training of staff, together with effective communication, so that we continue to ensure maximum levels of quality products and service provision.
  • Communicate the importance of effective quality management and conform to the QMS.

MJAllen Automotive hereby declares that its products are supplied under the category of “Spare parts of matching quality”, as defined by the EEC Commission Regulation (EU) No 461/2010 issued on the 27th May 2010.

Our products are also manufactured and supplied under the discipline of a Quality Assurance System: ISO9001:2015 NQA Certificate ref 703.

REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances.

The European Union’s REACH directive (EC 1907/2006) is designed to regulate the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances.

MJAllen Automotive declares that we do not import or produce any goods that contain chemicals considered to contain substances of very high concern (SVHC) under REACH regulations.

We support the overall goal of REACH, and are committed to providing our customers with information about chemical substances in our products according to REACH regulations.

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ISO certification

View our BS EN ISO 9001:2005 certificate here.

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